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Windshield repair services

About us

Who are we?

Royal Glass Servis is a company from Belgrade that sells, distributes, installs and repairs car glass, truck, van and bus glass, as well as glass for construction machines, tractors and ships. We operate on the territory of Serbia.

Our network consists of 35 superbly equipped glass services in Serbia with the highest quality tools for installation, assembly and repair of glass for all types of vehicles.

Why should you choose Royal Glass Service Belgrade?

Royal glass service from Belgrade is known on the Serbian market as a company that offers the following:

  1. original car glass for all types and brands of cars
  2. a large stock of glass for older and newer vehicles
  3. quality, fast and efficient service
  4. 00-24h support
  5. professional staff for glass replacement
  6. 100% guarantee on all services
  7. field service for glass replacement

The quality of the auto glass that we offer, the professionally trained staff and the high quality of the services that we provide make us a recognizable brand in Serbia and the region.

What kind of services do we offer in our glass service?

We offer the highest quality windshields, rear and side glasses (windshields) for all brands, models and types of vehicles. In our service, you can install, replace, repair and tint car windows and windows for other types of vehicles. We also offer a headlight polishing service, as well as a mirror glass cutting and replacement service.

What kind of glasses do we offer in our sales range?

Our offer is based on original and replacement auto glass from the world's best manufacturers: Pilkington, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Guardian, Fuyao, Nord Glass and XYG-China.

Reliable and safe service at Royal Glass Service

Any damage to the windshield or other glass on your vehicle requires reliable, efficient and safe service. Royal Glass Servis Belgrade is known for its extremely high level of glass replacement and repair services on cars and other vehicles.

Thousands of satisfied customers from Belgrade and other cities in Serbia are our best recommendation and advertisement. With our services and service, you can continue your drive with peace of mind.

How to contact us?

Are you interested in a quick and efficient replacement of the glass on your vehicle? Have an additional question for us? Call us now at
+381 11 242 15 19