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Headlight polishing

Car headlights are exposed to various influences every day, which significantly shorten their lifespan. Headlights that are installed on all types of vehicles are plastic, which is why they are very sensitive to external influences and factors. Manufacturers put a special protective coating on headlights to prevent the negative effects of solar radiation and other external factors.

Due to the influence of the sun, wind, dust, stones on the road, as well as due to sudden changes in temperature, the protective layer on the headlights deteriorates, becomes matte, and therefore the headlights become yellow. Over time, headlights become dull, yellow and cloudy, which can negatively affect driving at night and the overall aesthetics of the car.

Headlight repair and polishing

Physical damage to the headlights, such as scratches and some fogging can be completely removed. Our headlight repair and polishing technicians will make your headlights look like new again.

The headlight polishing procedure involves removing the damaged layer, smoothing the outer surface and applying a protective coating. Polishing the headlights from the outside affects the removal of oxidized parts, scratches and fogging on the headlights. Polishing the headlights restores the functionality of the headlights to the maximum and increases the intensity of the light they emit.

What tools do we use for polishing and repairing headlights?

For the repair of headlights, Royal Glass Service uses professional tools for polishing sensitive surfaces and the highest quality 3M polishing paste.

How does the headlight polishing process work?

The headlight reparation and polishing process takes 20 minutes per headlight and looks like this:

  • First, the parts of the car around the headlights are protected to prevent damage during polishing. The headlights are not removable.
  • The headlights are then manually cleaned with sandpaper, which removes the damaged layers on the headlights.
  • After sanding the headlights, the headlight surface is mechanically polished with a special machine for sensitive surfaces, using several different polishing pastes.
  • Finally, a ceramic protective coating is applied to prevent the headlight from deteriorating. Very often, instead of a protective coating, protective colorless foils are placed on the headlights, which permanently protect the headlights from external influences.

How to contact us?

Are you interested in repairing and polishing the headlights on your vehicle? Have an additional question for us? Call us now at +381 11 242 15 19