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Windshield repair services | Calibration


Why should the ADAS system be recalibrated?

Every time the windshield is replaced, the camera on it moves, so it needs to be recalibrated.

If recalibration is not performed as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer, your ADAS safety system will not function properly, and this may affect driving safety.

Glass Service, as a partner of the AGE group, will do everything to ensure that your safety is always in the first place.

Whether it is a dynamic recalibration by driving the car or a static one in the service, which is in 70% of cases, our recalibration service fully meets the vehicle manufacturer's criteria, and is performed by ADAS qualified technicians.

After each recalibration, we issue a certificate that proves that the adjustment of the ADAS system is successful and the vehicle is safe to drive.

See more about the ADAS recalibration system in the following video