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Glass replacement

Royal Glass Servis Belgrade replaces and installs windshields or front, rear and side windows on all models and types of vehicles.

What tools do we use to replace the auto glass on your vehicle?

During the replacement and installation of car windows, we use only the highest quality professional tools and glues of the latest generation (SIKA glues), which are 100% reliable and safe.

Is replacement of auto glass possible in all weather conditions?

Windshield or windshield replacement is possible in all weather conditions and occasions, whether it is rain, snow or strong wind. If there is surface damage to the glass on your car or vehicle, it is important to quickly protect the surface of the glass from dirt and contact our service as soon as possible, because the damage can quickly spread.

What kind of glasses do we offer in our sales range?

Our sales range consists exclusively of top quality auto glass. Our offer is based on original and replacement auto glass from the world's best manufacturers: Pilkington, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Guardian, Fuyao, Nord Glass and XYG-China.

What does the windshield replacement process look like?

Windshield or windshield with major damage must be replaced with a new one. The process of installing the front windshield consists of the following steps:

  • Protection of the interior of the vehicle and the bodywork before starting work
  • Cleaning the remains of old glass and removing the old windshield
  • Applying the primer to the window edge and body on the vehicle and drying.
  • Applying glue to the new windshield
  • Installation of new glass (windshield)
  • Installation of protective moldings
  • Checking, cleaning and returning the old registration sticker to the glass

How long does a car glass replacement take?

The average duration of replacing the front windshield is about an hour. After replacing the car glass, it is recommended not to drive the vehicle for at least an hour in order for the glue to dry. The vehicle must not be washed for at least two days after replacing the auto glass.

How to contact us?

Are you interested in replacing the glass on your vehicle? Have an additional question for us? Call us now at +381 11 242 15 19