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Window tinting

Window tinting

High-quality films, according to world standards and in accordance with domestic traffic regulations.

Advantages of installing foil on building and car glass:

  1. Optimizing light transmission
  2. Glass strengthening
  3. Improved appearance of vehicles and objects

Optimization of transmitted light

The glare of headlights and strong sunlight is reduced and harmful solar radiation is filtered

  1. Rejection of solar energy 40-80%
  2. Temperature regulation inside the vehicle
  3. Interior protection
  4. Direct light reflection 5-30%
  5. Energy saving
  6. Rejection of UV rays 95-99.9%

Glass strengthening

Made with the help of special aluminum and carbon paints, with acrylic reinforcement in one, two or three layers, our foils give the glass additional resistance to impact, breaking, scratching, etc.

When the glass breaks, the foil holds the shards (preventing injury to passengers).

Special bulletproof films are very effective in securing storefronts/external windows of business premises.

Improved appearance of the vehicle or object

In addition to the large number of shades in the standard offer, the latest foils are made with a metallic sheen that combines glass surfaces with the most modern vehicle body colors.

For residential buildings, we especially offer decorative, sandblasted and mirror foils.

  1. All foils in our offer comply with domestic traffic regulations.
  2. Installation is fast and simple and is done directly on the glass (without removing it from the vehicle or object).
  3. 5 year warranty!