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Auto glass repair

When is it possible to repair the glass on your vehicle?

Minor damage to your vehicle's auto glass, out of the driver's line of sight, can be repaired. Here are some important notes related to auto glass repair:

  • Car glass repair is only possible for the front windshield or windshield
  • Car glass repair is usually only done for damage smaller than 3 cm
  • If the damage is in the driver's field of vision, then it must be less than 1 cm
  • Repairing the same damage to the car glass is feasible only once
  • We do not and do not recommend repairs for damage to the edge of the car glass

Is auto glass repair possible in all weather conditions?

Windshield or windshield repair is possible in all weather conditions and circumstances, whether it is rain, snow or strong wind. If there is surface damage to the glass on your car or vehicle, it is important to quickly protect the surface of the glass from dirt and contact our service as soon as possible, because the damage can quickly spread.

Atmospheric and other external influences can have a very bad effect on glass cracks. Royal Glass Service also gives you free PVC stickers with which you can protect the damage on the car glass from dirt and thus ensure the best conditions for repair.

Why is auto glass repair important?

If you do not repair the damage to the car glass immediately, it spreads over time so that at some point repair is no longer possible. The process of spreading damage is especially accelerated in winter, when the heating is used in the vehicle, and then a small damage to the glass can turn into a crack. If minor damage turns into a crack, you must replace the car glass with a new one.

Damaged car windows are not safe because they can break while driving. The sooner you repair minor damage to the auto glass, the better the chances are that you won't have to buy and replace the glass on your vehicle.

Auto glass repair process

Auto glass repair is a process that consists of the following steps:

  • Cleaning the dirt on the car glass
  • Filling car glass with special resin
  • Restoring the strength of the glass using a special UV lamp
  • Glass polishing in order to achieve the best possible bendability.

How long does auto glass repair take?

Repair and repair of damaged car windows at Royal Glass Service takes from 30 to 60 minutes for extremely complex damage.

Is it safe to drive after glass repair?

After a professionally performed repair in our service, the car glass is restored to its original condition and the vehicle is safe to drive immediately.

How to contact us?

Are you interested in repairing the glass on your vehicle? Have an additional question for us? Protect the damage and call us now at +381 11 242 15 19