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Pallet racks, warehouse shelves, warehouse equipment | Royal
Pallet racks Royal

Royal pallet racks is a company engaged in the production of high-quality equipment for the storage of goods and warehouses. We started producing storage equipment more than 15 years.

Rocket propulsion systems, defence missiles and UAV’s | EDePro, Serbia
Rocket propulsion systems, defence missiles and UAV’s

EDePro – the regional leader in propulsion systems solutions for solid propellant rockets, turbo jet-propelled UAV’s and missiles – is synonymous with innovation and technological creativity in developing advanced defence and space solutions.

Glass servis | Stadfirma i Stockholm
Städfirma i Stockholm

Har du sökt efter "Städfirma Hjorthagen", "Städfirma Vårby", "Städfirma Bagarmossen", "Städfirma Stadshagen", "Städfirma Johanneshov", "Städfirma Råsunda" eller "Städfirma Sköndal" och hittade vår sida? Då har du kommit rätt! Vi är Städfirma 77, ett städbolag som har städat lägenheter, hus, företag, byggnader, skolor och kontor i Stockholm mer än 11 år.

Glass Servis Beograd Royal Glass | Cleaning company Stockholm
Cleaning company Stockholm

Have you searched for "Cleaning company Stockholm", "Cleaning help Stockholm" or "Relocation cleaning Stockholm" and found our site? Then you have come to the right place! We are Städfirma 77, a cleaning company that has cleaned apartments, houses, companies, buildings, schools and offices in Stockholm for more than 11 years.

Car rental Belgrade | Glass servis
Car rental Belgrade

Car rental Belgrade

Rent a car Belgrade - you searched for these keywords in Google because you want to rent a car in Belgrade?

Welcome to our blog, through our partners you can book a car, van or any other vehicle in Belgrade. We offer a large selection of new automatics and vehicles with manual transmission that are available to you. The car you want to rent can be picked up at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport or in any other part of Belgrade and its surroundings.

The vehicles of our partner car rental agencies are new, regularly serviced, reliable and fully insured. By renting our vehicle, you get to use a car that is covered from any possible damage to them.

We invite you to send us in advance the date and time when you need the car, and it is up to us to reserve the desired vehicle and prepare it for collection.

Car rental prices

Car rental prices range from 13 € / day, depending on the class and number of days on which you want to rent a vehicle.

Payment of rent a car service

Payment for rent a car service is made in advance with a mandatory deposit when taking over the vehicle itself. The procedure for taking over the vehicle is very simple and does not take long. You can pay the car rental in cash or any payment card (Visa, Master, etc.).

24/7 support

If you decide to rent one of the vehicles from our fleet, you will have 24/7 support on the territory of Serbia.

Rent a car Belgrade - our partners

You can rent and book a rent a car via the websites of our partners

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Rent a car Beograde Bel drive - car booking

Rent a car Beograde Zim - car booking

Rent a car Beograde Grand Mobile - car booking

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